What is an HMO?


An HMO is a house in multiple occupation. In the West End any dwelling containing more than a family plus one unrelated person, or more than three unrelated people, is an HMO.


To operate it needs both planning consent and an HMO license

Problems or Issues?


Contact the HMO unit of Glasgow City Council's Environmental Health Department for advice or action. If you are a neighbour or tenant your difficulty will be treated anonymously. Visit the Glasgow City Council Web Site for much more information.

Objections to HMO licenses?


It is essential that you put your objection in writing. It is also advisable to appear in person at
the licensing court to state your objections.


You may also contact the community council if you have concerns

You may also find this link to a leaflet produced by legal services at the council to be of use:

Guidance on making a representation to an application: Houses in Multiple Occupation 


More information about objections to planning consent are available on our planning page in this section.